About Us

The Founder

The uniqueness of our culture can be expressed via traditional music and I’ve been actively involved in it for 32 years. My name is Noraniza Idris , it has always been my mission to spread the traditional music and influenced the younger generation to appreciate our rich culture that embodies the spirit of a vibrant nation.

Being Malaysian, I’m truly proud of the culture where all the major races i.e. Malay, Chinese and Indian put on the shawl as a form of accessories. Indeed it is a delicate and feminine way to express the charisma that each person is capable of exuding.The shawl represents a huge part of an Asian culture and i yearn to witness the realization of just how beautiful women can be when attired with the right shawl.

Now, I’m extending this influence through another medium that is making a mark in the fashion world and hopefully leaving a treasured legacy behind.

Noraniza Idris Founder

The Butterfly

I’ve chosen the butterfly as the symbol and AURA the brand name. Why the butterfly? You might ask, butterfly is True to its nature and its very elegant and Freely attractive but somehow, it does not realize it. This is what AURA seeks to remind us modern ladies. The AURA is my medium to inspire confidence within the women of modern society that they are alluring, charming and appealing just like an intricate Butterfly which is a pretty sight but indeed something that is hard to capture..